Time For a Watch

If you are tired of looking for that perfect designer watch? Designer watches are everywhere and there are also a wide range to choose from including watches for men and women. I am a male so I don’t know much about watches for women but you can general idea on my opinion and recommendations. Watches are a perfect fashion accessory as well as being practical. Watch designs can vary from retro to modern. Modern watches are usually stainless steel and can also come in Gold & Silver etc. Retro styles are usually leather but can also come in plastic & rubber etc.




Armarni White

If you are anything like me, you are probably fussy when it comes to a new watch, during my search for my perfect watch I came across Design Centre. They offer a wide and exclusive range of designer watches to suit your style.

My Pest Control Problems

When you move into a new house, you expect a few issues maybe that weren’t highlighted at the point of sale but you certainly don’t expect there to be an infestation of mice in your garage! But that’s what I got when I recently moved to a new property, I found a cluster of mice in my garage and tried to remove them myself using DIY methods that you come to expect with pest removal, such as traps and sprays from a local store.


This was to no avail though so after speaking with my friend, he recommended to me a company who he had used before who offer pest control. After giving them a call, they told me how they have to deal with plenty of people all the time who have used DIY methods to remove mice, but have not been successful and they really sounded like they knew what they were doing.

After sending a controller out the next morning, he was straight in there and found the source of the problem, explaining to me why just using these advertised products isn’t anywhere near as effective in permanently removing the pests from your home. If you’re interested in pest control Birmingham or any other area in the West Midlands then take a look at the E-Pest Control website below. They are a fantastic team and really do provide a leading service to remove all types of pests and rodents.


Burst Pipes

When I walked through my front door to a surprising puddle after a lovely weekend away, immediately I knew something wasn’t right and after a brief look around the house, I heard water gushing from a radiator in my front room – not ideal when I hadn’t been there for a couple of days so the water was literally everywhere.

plumber in wolverhampton


After sorting out a dehumidifier to help remove some of the moisture, and ripping up my carpets I got in contact with a local plumber to get a quote on having my radiators replaced around the house. Fantastic from the moment I called, their emergency plumbing service was out to me in no time to have a look around and assess any problems within my home.

Followed by a fantastic priced quote a couldn’t complain with the quality of the service received.

Exploring Jewellers in The Midlands

We love jewellery, and love bringing the latest news on the finest pieces and stores we can. A lot of the AFT blog is focused around Birmingham’s infamous jewellery quarter. But today we decided to broaden our horizons out slightly and take a look across some of the surrounding area’s in the Midlands, and check out some jewellers in Stratford Upon-avon, Coventry and more! There was plenty to view and we’ll be discussing it in this post.

jewellers stratford upon-avon


If you’re looking for a gift then jewellery is always a special present for a family member, loved one or friend. And with birthday’s and other annual events throughout the year its sometimes hard to think of what to buy for someone. The usual flowers and chocolate doesn’t always quite cut it any more so its time to explore some jewellers in the Midlands and see what they have on offer. With a wide selection of wedding, gold and diamond jewellery on offer and you won’t be short of something to buy your special one.

My Daughters Limo Experience

Last week was my daughters year 11 prom. She wanted to impress all of her friends and end her school years in style so to do this I decided on hiring a limo. I decided to go on limo hire Birmingham to see what was on offer and came across a great company. I ordered a stretched hummer that was pink (the same colour as her dress!) which arrived on time, was clean and the whole experience was of a very high standard.

The Limo hire was well priced and I would strongly recommend that anyone who is requiring the use of limo or rental vehicles gets in touch with limo hire soon so you can make your occasion a one off experience. I will be using them again in the near future for my sons football teams presentation evening so the champions arrive in style after a great season of football. Thank you ‘yourlimohire.co.uk’ and ill see you again in a few weeks!

A Day At the Spa

Today I spent the day out at the spa and it was extremely relaxing. The spa featured a hot tub jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and swimming pool. There’s nothing better than spending a day unwinding from the stresses of life and changing focus from work onto relaxation.

hot tubs


This has prompted me to start looking at hot tubs online and I have decided to make a purchase to bring one of these luxury pieces into my home.

I thought paying each time you wish to visit the spa is going to be more costly than just outright buying a hot tub for my own home. They can be placed either inside or outside, and come accompanied with a suitable cover if you are using them for outdoor purposes.

Although an expensive initial cost, hot tubs are a fantastic way to relax and are a great addition to those looking to bring a piece of heaven into their home.

Stuck For Present Ideas?

Sometimes it gets to the point where you just can’t think what to buy someone for a present, we’ve all been there and know people who are either friends or family who you just don’t have a clue what to get them for their birthday or christmas for example. In this post we are going to give you a few solutions of what we think would make a fantastic gift for your loved ones.

designer watches


A new timepiece is a fantastic gift and if you have a moderate budget, there is a wide range of designer watches available from some leading brands such as Gucci, Raymond Weil and Rado.

jewellery quarter birmingham

We will took a look through a selection of watches in this post available online and in store from a shop the Birmingham jewellery quarter. Design Centre Jewellery stock a huge range of designer watches at competitive prices.

watches for women


This ladies Gucci watch features a stainless steel bracelet and grey mother of pearl style face. It is moderately priced within the designer watches bracket and would make a fantastic gift for anyone in the new year.

designer watches


Design Centre offer a wide selection of watches for women at fantastic competitive prices. You will be sure to find the watch for you or a loved one so if you are around in the quarter or take a look on the website at what they have for you.

Drainage Solutions

A big welcome to the new year from us here at the Art Film Talk blog! We hope to continue this year and build upon the great success we had last time out with the blog, providing some of the best posts for our readers.

Today we will be talking about the different types of underground drainage available and some of the agricultural applications they can have. So firstly what is a drainage system? These are use underground pipes which move water around land to enhance crop production in farming.

underground drainage


The main use on agricultural land is twin wall pipe within drainage systems. This type of pipe can be produced in a variety of sizes and lengths to accommodate a a variety of drainage solutions for anyone.

twin wall pipe

The Gold Rush

In today’s post we will be looking at a selection of gold jewellery pieces from a range of jewellers based either online or on the high street in the United Kingdom. These will include earrings, chains and watches.

9ct gold hoop earrings


This photo is of a beautiful set of 9ct gold hoop earrings purchased from an independent jewellery shop in London. Featuring a large four inch hoop they remain surprisingly lightweight but maintaining an elegant look with a great price to match.

9ct gold chain

This 9ct gold chain pictured above was purchased from Design Centre Jewellery, located in the heart of Birmingham’s infamous Jewellery Quarter, which is the epicentre for jewellery trade in the West Midlands.

KOR3885, Michael Kors, Fall, Newness, 2013

This rose gold Michael Kors watch features a deep green face, golden strap and bezel. A beautiful piece and would make a fantastic christmas present for someone this year.

For a wide range of jewellery UK take a look around at a watch for a loved one this christmas.


Amazing Day

Today was a special day for me being my wedding, and the preparations that came before were rather hectic as we wanted to make this amazing day one to remember for definite!

For arrival to the wedding we wanted to arrive in a limousine, so started to look at companies that were offering limo hire to get some prices on arranging a hummer limousine to take us to the church. Most of the options from businesses in the West Midlands were very expensive and we were put off until finding a service online called Your Limo Hire. They were fantastic and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for limo hire Birmingham too. On the day the service was fantastic, nothing less than we expected and the price was considerably cheaper than any other service in the area too.

Organising a cake was great fun too. We visited a wedding fair in London around a month ago and there was a large selection of cakes available. We had an idea of what we wanted and make a purchase from a local wedding cake shop in the area. It turned out really nice and there was some fantastic decorations to accompany it too.

On the day I paired my wedding dress with a beautiful 9ct gold chain from a local jewellers in based in the prestigious Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, which is the heart of this fine trade in the West Midlands. Boasting a range of bars, restaurants and a museum there’s plenty to offer in the day while also leading a vibrant nightlife.

It was a wonderful day and I think everyone had an amazing time, I am so happy to now be finally married and am looking forward to the future.

limo hire birmingham


Freezing Pipes

We’re into december now and christmas is almost upon us, but so is the winter weather conditions and temperatures have fallen considerably as of recent, which has resulted in the freezing of water in people’s land drainage pipe.

In order to maintain a good underground drainage it is important to prevent this from happening, although it may be difficult to do. A good preventative measure can be insulation around pipes, although if you have a large amount of drainage pipe this can be an expensive outgoing.

Also this is not really designed for PVC piping due to the low melting point of plastics, but for other piping such as steel it can be a fantastic way to ensure your pipe systems stay in good condition over the summer.

Take a look at this article for more on frozen pipe prevention

land drainage pipe


Special Rings for a Special Day

Why settle for nothing but the best on your wedding day?

Goldcraft Jewellers based in the heart of Birmingham’s infamous jewellery quarter have a wide range of beautiful diamond wedding rings on offer with some fantastic prices this christmas.

Goldcraft are a family built and run business, that started off once as just a small shop, it has slowly built up an iconic reputation within the jewellery quarter and now boasts an elegant range of gold, diamond jewellery and much more.

Birmingham’s jewellery quarter has a vast range of shops, restaurants and bars which has become the heartbeat of jewellery trade in the west midlands by day, and a vibrant nightlife to accompany it.

I recently took a trip up there while looking at platinum wedding rings and was presented with a variety of beautiful pieces at extremely competitive prices compared with other shops in the quarter. The friendly service to accompany just makes Goldcraft the complete shopping experience for anyone.

wedding ring

Learning to Play Piano

We all know the piano is an instrument of beauty and learning to play it really creates an appreciation for this instrument. There are many different types of piano out there, and as of more recent years, they keyboard has gained many new players too.

When I was looking to learn to play this instrument I had a look around online for piano lessons Birmingham and found a private instructor based in the heart of the midlands who provided tuition.

Since starting to learn the instrument, I never thought I was going to become a successful piano player having never played one before in my life. It was a bit strange at first, but slowly I began to come into my own, learning keys and chords along the way.

Soon after I could play full songs and have now been playing a weekly spot in a restaurant in Birmingham, a brilliant achievement in my eyes. From here I would like to press on with my piano career, gaining more credibility and soon to make my own album.


piano lessons birmingham

Improving Your Rankings In Google

Online business has blown up in recent times and it is important to move with this trend to stay ahead of the competition. Just take a moment to think how often you have used a search engine to find something out, and that’s the reason for my post today, improving the exposure of your brand to drive traffic and sales to your products and services.

Making sure your business is at the forefront of search engine results, in particular Google who have a huge monopoly is extremely important to your business these days, whether you be local, national or global SEO effects anyone. We spoke to an SEO Birmingham company who had this to say:

Search engine optimisation is crucial for online business these days. 90 Percent of search result traffic click a link off page one, and this figure falls off around 95 percent on page two, which in itself indicates how important it is to showcase your products and services on the first page, and even first few positions of search results. Competition are probably involved in SEO campaigns, so you’ve got to make yourself visible to your online audience, or risk losing sales to them.

This underlines the importance of a search engine optimisation campaign for your business. For local businesses it can be relatively inexpensive but the results more than outweigh the costs so it is well worth looking into.


All about your special pianos

Special piano’s are hard to come by…there are many pianos lessons in this world. When your looking for a special piano then you may consider going down the antique market route but this can prove very costly if not monitored correctly!

When moving your piano from home to home you can encounter all sorts of problems from music notes and tones changing.

a list of problems is here:

  • mould
  • water damage
  • piano life cycle
  • key wear
  • chime wear
  • footstool alingment

All these problems can be solved by choosing the best piano lessons birmingham expert to help you! I can only recommend getting the advice of an expert as these things can prove quite costly. Yes its very interesting to see! Now i think thats the best thing we can really think about now and the future is a lot more clear now seeing this.


Trying to learn the piano today!ww


What’s It Like to be a Trainee Solicitor

After reaching the end of my first week at a solicitors Birmingham, I genuinely can’t believe how many people have asked me what it is like to be a trainee solicitor. It has surpassed anything I would have thought, and has almost got to the point where my unenthusiastic response is something along the lines of ‘okay.. I think’. But really, it has been a fantastic first week and I couldn’t have enjoyed it any more than I have so far.

Most firms recruit up to a year in advance so it can feel like a bit of a long time coming, but when the day finally arrives it really is something special. From your first day thrown in pretty much the deep end of the water, it can almost seem overwhelming but at the same time there has been fantastic support from the people around me, not least to mention my trainee supervisor who has been fantastic this week.

Just think that your trainee supervisor was once in your position, and has been through everything you are at one point in their career path. When things ever get complicated you know you can rely on them to help with any problems or issues you might have. Also being able to utilise their extensive knowledge and understanding of the sector for free is a great resource for learning new information and areas regarding the law.

Still, it has only been the first week and there are sure to be many different challenges ahead for me, but I will keep the blog updated with how things are progressing within my voyage to become a qualified solicitor.


Another Visit to Goldcraft

After a recent visit (see our post below) to Goldcraft in the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham. A family run business in the heart of the JQ, who have a fantastic authentic feel as soon as you step foot in the shop. On my previous visit, I purchased a beautiful diamond wedding ring, and the amazing service had me back in again.

This time I was looking for a set of 9ct gold hoop earrings this time around. The service in the shop was paralleled to my last visit, and their selection of earrings was fantastic. A wide range of elegant pieces, with something to really meet everyones needs. I left the shop with an elegant pair of earrings, which my wife was extremely pleased with them.

Once again brilliant from Goldcraft, would recommend them to anyone, one of the best jewellery stores around, and really keeps the authenticity of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.



Getting the Best Limousine for Your Money

Whenever you do anything you want to find the best deal for your money. Recently I needed to hire a limousine for my friends birthday party. We looked around at some adverts for limo hire Birmingham, and found a few companies who quoted us much higher than we were looking to pay for one.

After looking online we found a website called Your Limo Hire who provided us with a great selection of limousines and at amazing prices from a selection of businesses in the local area. There was even an online booking system whereby you could select a limo, with time and date you needed.

I have since recommended to my friend who was looking at ads for limo hire Essex. He too got a much better deal through the site and saved up to 30% on what some of the other local companies were charging.



Finding the Perfect Ring for my Wedding

Choosing the right wedding ring was a hard decision. There are so many different styles of styles of ring that we had plenty to consider. We had a rough budget set out in mind of what we were looking to spend on a ring, and knew that we were looking at platinum wedding rings, or alternatively a diamond wedding ring, we visited various jewellery shops to see what was on offer.

After a couple of places we visited Goldcraft Jewellers in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham, a fantastic family run shop that had a beautiful selection of elegant wedding rings on offer. We told them what our budget was, and that we were looking at either platinum or diamond wedding rings.

They were extremely helpful throughout the time in the shop and presented a few rings to us to choose from. The one we finished with was just what we were looking for within our price range.


My Solicitor Experience

Recently we had a rent arrears situation with a tenant in one of the properties we have rented out. The unpaid amount was snowballing over a period of three months. We found a local solicitors Birmingham law firm who were extremely helpful in aiding us in the recovery of this money.

From start to finish they were great, providing support and took full control of the case in a professional manor. We were kept up to date throughout with the cost of the service and received the money back within a short period of time.